When Should a Baby Stop Using a Swing?

Most parents introduce their babies to the swing as early as four months of age, some are quite not sure when to stop putting their babies in the baby swing. Different babies have different growth rates, and the time to get them off varies from one to the other.

Healthy babies have a net weight of 3-4 kilograms at birth or even more in some isolated cases. The baby’s weight should be used as a guiding factor when taking the baby off the swing, as a good swing carries well over 13 kilograms it is advised that once the baby weighs about 12 kilograms, they should be taken off the swing.

This should be done to ensure the baby swing doesn’t collapse and compromise your child’s safety.

When Should a Baby Stop Using a Swing

Can a Baby Swing Too Much?

Concerned parents always want to know how the activities they introduce or put their young ones through affecting them. It is at this moment advised that the swing should not be used too much. According to American pediatrics, it is strongly discouraged not to allow an infant to sleep in the swing. This happens at most times as the baby swing has a soothing effect that causes the baby to sleep, as the baby sleeps in a sitting position it may lead to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

If the baby swing is operated at very high speeds, it will trigger the Shaken Baby Syndrome. This is a disorder that happens when a baby is mishandled. This is usually caused by the vigorous shaking of the child in anger by either the nanny or the parent.

The swing can also affect if it shakes the child vigorously. To avoid this, parents and caregivers are advised to keep the baby swing at the least speed possible and also to ensure the baby is well laid in the swing. This is an important safety measure as swings can cause serious accidents too.

Too much of something is toxic, and it may lead to nervous disorders if it is overused. It is recommended that the swing strictly used for relaxation purposes, and it should serve as a hammock. As soon as the baby falls asleep, they should be removed from the swing and put to rest in the baby crib.

Do Baby Swings Cause Brain Damage?

The baby swings are electric, while others are battery-powered. They have vibrations emitted, but this hasn’t been found out to affect the baby in any way. What causes brain damage is the rocking back and forth of the swing. Most baby swings have like six swinging speeds. Shaken baby syndrome, as it is widely called, may be caused by the baby swing. The swinging movement causes a shear and tears effect on the brain. The tear is created between the two primary brain tissues, the white matter, and the grey matter. Brain injuries are serious injuries that can be detrimental to the baby’s cognitive functions and can affect the baby’s intelligence (The IQ)

The shaken baby syndrome can be detected if the baby starts having breathing difficulties, nausea finds it hard to stay awake, easily irritable, seizures, and loss of appetite. The syndrome, however, is treatable if detected early and can be handled by surgery and breathing support to remove blood on the brain. It is a dangerous disorder that leads to death if not attended to on time.

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