Ingenuity Power Adapt Portable Swing Braden Review

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If you’re a busy parent, you know it’s a challenge to get anything done. Newborns have a way of preventing you from performing basic hygiene needs or anything else. A portable swing could be the answer you seek.

The Ingenuity Power Adapt Portable Swing Braden allows you to secure your baby and keep them content. We chose to review this product because it’s affordable, safe, and has a variety of features we think you’ll like. Our goal is for you to learn almost everything you need to know to make an informed buying choice.

Ingenuity Power Adapt Swing Braden

Ingenuity is part of the Kids II, Inc. brand, which is based in Atlanta, GA. Kids II, Inc. manufactures, designs, and markets other brands, as well, including Baby Einstein and Bright Starts. It has an international operation with locations in Canada, Australia, China, Europe, Mexico, and more.

The company focuses on providing high-quality products at a reasonable price so that everyone can use the best. Its items are sold through a variety of online distributors and in many discount department stores.

Ingenuity Braden Power Adapt Portable Swing

Who Is This Product For?

While this product is designed to be used by babies, we feel that it is more for the parents. It’s tough to lay your baby down to shower, cook, or get dressed while they fuss in another room. Babies like to be in motion, so a swing is an ideal choice.

Your little one will feel calm and comfortable regardless of the settings you choose. It can take some trial and error to find the most appropriate speed and sounds, but when you do, your baby will be content and happy to swing for hours and might even fall asleep doing it.

What’s Included?

The company wanted to make sure you had all the items you’d need to set up your new baby swing. You’ll get the base or frame, the seat, and a toy bar, along with toys. The product runs on D batteries, which are not included.

It’s important that you open the box and remove all the packaging materials before you begin. Check the parts you have against the instruction manual to ensure everything is there. If everything is there, you can begin to assemble the product.

The box should contain:

  • One frame
  • One seat
  • One control panel
  • Two arms
  • Two U-shaped poles
  • One headrest
  • One instruction manual

Overview of Features

The Ingenuity Portable Swing Braden is designed to be taken anywhere, but it can also be used in your home. It does require some assembly, but when it’s set up, it can be folded and put away. You can also keep it stored in the trunk of your car.

While the product uses batteries for portability, it does include an AC adapter that can be plugged into any wall outlet. Thus, you can use it almost anywhere. You can save money because you don’t have to buy batteries if you plan to use it near a power source.

This portable swing has five speeds and includes a timer setting. You may choose not to use the feature since you can let your baby swing as long as they want to do so. If the product is going to be used for napping, the extra-quiet motor will help your baby stay asleep longer.

If that weren’t enough, the product is soft and supportive. The seat is plush, so your baby is cozy and relaxed. As your little one grows, the head and body support system can be removed.

Pros & Cons


  • Portable
  • Extra-quiet motor
  • Optional timer setting
  • Easy to carry
  • Plays soothing music and nature sounds
  • Switch between AC adapter and batteries


  • No vibration option


While we think that you will love the Ingenuity Portable Baby Swing, we wanted to give you an alternative. That way, you can compare the two products and get an idea of what is best.

The Graco Slim Spaces Baby Swing is just as compact as the Ingenuity brand, but it sits higher on its frame. It can also be folded and carried with one hand. You’ll find just as many swing speeds, as well as soft toys for visual stimulation.

With that being said, the Graco version is not portable and only uses an AC adapter. Along with such, it does cost a bit more than the Ingenuity brand.


Whether this is your first time as a parent or not, the Ingenuity Power Adapt Portable Swing Braden is a reliable product. It can give you peace of mind, allow you to have some personal time, and keeps your baby safe and entertained.

Another benefit is that it is relatively inexpensive when compared to other brands. The swing is also portable, which allows you to take it almost anywhere.

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