Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing Review

Picking one baby swing from all the options may feel overwhelming. Knowing the details of the products available helps you make that choice. Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing is one of the best baby swings. The Graco Simple Sway baby swing’s features include a small frame, the option of switching between plugin and battery operation, six swing speed options, and comes in two colors. Graco also offers a one year warranty on the swing. The two most important factors of any baby swing are if it soothes your baby and the swing’s safety features.

The Graco Baby Swing has a mobile and is pre-programmed with fifteen sounds and songs to soothe and entertain your baby. The five nature sounds include ocean waves and bird songs. Also, the ten soothing lullabies give you variety. The three free toys above the swing seat are soft to the touch. The sound and swing functions are easy to toggle on and off with the controls at the top of the swing. The six swing speeds offer plenty of choices to fit your baby’s preferences and mood. The Graco Simple Sway sing has two peaceful vibration settings. The side-to-side swinging motion relaxing, and the speed adjustments give it versatility for your growing baby. Having these options to soothe your baby is a benefit for any parent.

The swing features a five-point harness in the roomy seat. The harness feature works both to secure a restless child and to help support your baby while swinging. Use this swing with peace of mind, knowing your baby will not be at risk of falling from the swing. The minimum requirements for baby weight are five pounds, and the maximum is thirty pounds. The deep seat gives plenty of room for growth, so you can expect this Graco baby swing to lend a hand in peaceful naps for months to come.

The versatile seat also can be easily removed from the swing frame. The seat cover and the head support are easy to remove, making cleaning a breeze. These features make your hectic life more comfortable, giving you more time to focus on your baby. The convenient break down of the swing also makes moving it leisurely, wither you going to a different room in your house, or traveling.

The small footprint of the Graco Simple Sway swing makes it an excellent option for small living spaces. The widest point on the swing frame base is only thirty-one inches. The total height is a handy thirty-eight inches, making it easy to access without tipping over. This full sized swing on a space-saving frame is a beneficial feature for any household. The swing is sturdy and easy to assemble.

The Graco baby swing has two color options that will not clash with your home decor. The gender friendly gray and blue colors are subtle and pleasant to the eye. No need to hide away an unsightly swing when company comes over, the Graco Simple Swing will blend into the background.

One of the best features of this swing is the power supply options. The swing can use a removable a/c power cord as a power source or run wirelessly on five D batteries. This wireless option is also a great backup if you need to make the swing portable. The swing will operate up to four hours on battery power. No more late night trips to the corner store for batteries when you can plug the Graco Simple Swing directly into a power source.

The Graco baby swing’s one year warranty gives you confidence when choosing the swing. The swing itself weighs less than twenty pounds, making it easy for you to move. The Graco Simple Swing is also reasonably priced, making it a budget-friendly choice.

You can conveniently find the Graco Simple Sway baby swing at Amazon and is available with Amazon Prime shipping. FInd It here on Amazon. You can also purchase the swing at local stores, including Wal-mart, Bed Bath & Beyond and Khol’s.

Finding the right swing for your baby is always time-consuming, but knowing all the features of a swing makes that easier. The two most important features to look for are safety and effectiveness. The Graco Simple Swing baby swing is a great choice. Having the freedom to rest or get things done around the house is a huge benefit to parents. This swing makes that more manageable, and the portability helps you keep your baby close.

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