Fisher Price My Little Snugapuppy Cradle ‘N Swing Review

Fisher Price My Little Snugapuppy Cradle n Swing’s amazing structure got our attention. It earned the right to be enlisted in one of our top picks. Great news for new parents or would-be moms who are looking for cute and incredibly comfortable baby-friendly soothing swings. The Fisher Price Cradle-n-Swing will wow you! Please read on to find out some fascinating facts uncovered by our experts.

The baby swing’s soothing ability outshone those of its contemporaries. And that’s largely due to its all-inclusive, flexible and fully-customizable baby-friendly features.

Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Cradle ‘N Swing

Fisher Price My Little Snugapuppy Cradle n Swing’s a quick summary:

  • Soft, plush fabrics
  • Multiple and nature-friendly music – songs & sounds
  • Multiple swing directions – while your baby is on board
  • Alternative power source – battery and AC
  • Mirrored baby-engaging surface to entertain your child
  • The comfy seat can hold up to 25 lbs baby weight. Guaranteed to keep your baby happy the entire time.


Okay, let’s dig a little into the company’s history, and get to know them.

So, it turns out that the company, Fisher-Price Toy has been in existence since 1930. Founded in New York by three great minds – Herman Fisher, Helen Schelle, and Irving Price.

At the time, their mission was to create innovative and baby-fascinating toys that would keep babies and toddlers happy. A creation that would stimulate their early development and take some burden off their parents or caregivers.

Today, almost a century later, it’s no surprise that Fisher-Price is fast becoming a household name in many homes. Particularly with the young children. Besides their iconic toys, Fisher-Price is reputable for their vast catalog of products including bassinets, high chairs, and baby swings.


Based on our experience researching the Fisher-Price brand of baby-friendly products, and compared to other brands in the market, we were not surprised at our findings. Our experts were, in fact, impressed with the details and resultant functionality of the Fisher Price Cradle n Swing.

Comprising a premium-quality easy-to-use, baby-soothing, and safety-incorporated features, this Swing n Cradle is certainly the parent’s favorite, any day! It offers the perfect environment for your baby to nap, stay calm or just chill. This giving you the leisure of getting some hands-free moments!


If the main purpose you’d like to have a baby swing in your collection is to calm your fussy baby. Or to keep them relaxed while you get busy with other engagements. Then the Fisher Price Swing is your thing.

It may interest you to know that the plush seat fabric is incredibly gentle on sensitive baby skin. In addition, the deep curvy seat design is uniquely-positioned to provide maximum support and adequate hip flexion. Giving your baby a relaxed and snuggle-close feeling.

The swing has six adjustable weight-sensitive swing-speeds, and 16 different baby-engaging songs and nerve-soothing nature sound.

At full speed, we discovered that the swing gets a bit louder compared to some other brands. But we also noted that the concern is felt more by the parents than the babies themselves. Because some babies found the clicking and rhythmic whirring amazingly comfortable.


The Fisher-Price Cradle n Swing has two recline positions. The first is close to 1650 degrees flat for younger infants, while the second is somewhat more upright. You will find the second recline-position useful as your baby gets older. At this stage, they already have conscious control of their head and neck – usually when they are four months and above.

This product is arguably one of the few baby-health-friendly swings that really impressed our experts. Fisher Price Swing features a pretty engaging design with multiple swing directions. Its easy-to-operate button located at the top of the swing. The swing can be rotated to either the left, right or side-to-side direction. The preferred seat-direction, notwithstanding, the motor-direction remains fairly the same.

We think the best part of the recline positions and swing adjustability is its flexibility. It can be adjusted while your baby is on board the swing. And that’s pretty convenient. You won’t have to worry about disturbing your baby. Or the inconvenience of holding a cranky child in your arms while adjusting things.


The company once again displayed its ingenuity with the Fisher Price Swing’s mobile – as it was one of the best we found in its category. Besides being an actual mobile that’s not stationary, it is pretty baby-engaging too. Turning it on triggers the rotational movements of the brightly colored animals and cute leaves above your baby.

Right underneath the motor is a convex-mirrored surface that shows your baby their reflection. We dare say that so much thoughtfulness for your baby’s enjoyment went into the design of this product. Little wonder the babies are easily entertained while in the seat.


At the initial, unpacking the Fisher Price Baby Swing components may seem a bit intimidating, and more involved than other brands. However, a quick glance at the detailed instruction manual (with included tool) would simplify the entire process in an instant! And boom! You will be all set up before you know it.

Once set up, you will notice that the controls are easy to use and very engaging even for adults. Our team never had any issues with the set-up or a reason to wonder if we left out any detail – the assemblage worked perfectly as described!

Fisher Price SnugaPuppy Cradle and Swing Review


This product meets all safety requirements – it checks the boxes. The Fisher-Price Cradle n Swing has a uniquely designed and ergonomically-correcting deep seat that keeps your baby in the right position.

It also allows appropriate recline. So you won’t have to worry about the possibility of suffocation or your baby slumping forward in harm’s way.

We particularly like the styled 5-point harness and the distinct arrangement of the straps. They are carefully laid out to secure your baby in place. The harness is designed to strap around your baby, rather than usual loosely fitting their limbs into predesigned armholes. The extra-wide base will keep the swing fully-engaged and stable, even at full speed.

The supporting bases are equipped with a rubberized material. This keeps the entire setup from getting edged over by its swing’s momentum. Furthermore, the padded backing of the crotch strap protects the baby from any potential pinching.


You bet the Fisher Price Baby Swing is damn right a premium quality product. The components are sturdy with a great fabric that survives multiple washes.

We, however, noted that some long-term users reported motor-related issues around the fourth months. This happened as they used the product more consistently with their heavier babies. Nevertheless, the issue is not common. Moreover, the company warranty covers all swing parts, so getting a replacement is as easy as having a piece of cake!


The Fisher Price Swing is a no-brainer and perfect baby-soothing solution that we recommend for any family, mom or dad. Who are in search of premium quality, safe and mentally-engaging baby-friendly product. And you can easily order yours here.

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